Friday, July 4, 2008


Record and Share Exciting Adventures Wherever You Are - Capture and Share Exciting Journeys with Travelog

- GPS Quickly Pinpoints Your Locations
- Newstation Keeps You Updated with the Latest News
- Enjoy Portable Multimedia Functions
- Sophisticated Outlook with User-Friendly Interface

Catering to users who require convenient GPS navigation and full support for business and multimedia functions, ASUS, the leading producer of top-notch handhelds, has released the new ASUS P527. This powerful PDA phone comes with a complete suite of business functions for comprehensive business support, and the built-in GPS navigation feature provides timely navigational directions. Furthermore, the slim and professional-looking PDA Phone is even able to capture key events during the user’s journeys as they travel and then upload them to be shared.

Capture and Share Exciting Journeys with Travelog
The P527 can record and share users’ traveling pictures, routes, Points of Interests (POIs) and memo with the handy built-in Travelog feature. This handy function supports the Google Earth satellite maps format – allowing users to create a diary of events during their travels. With Travelog, users will be able to put together snapshots and other interesting tidbits of their travels onto their blogs – allowing them to share with others their memorable travels as they trek across from one key point to another along their journeys.

GPS Quickly Pinpoints Your Locations
The timely GPS navigation with GPS Catcher allows users to find their location quickly wherever they are in the world – allowing them to rapidly navigate to their next destination with ease. The Location Courier feature of the P527 will also help prevent users from ever getting lost by accurately and periodically reporting their position to their pre-defined friends’ contacts. Even in locations with vast, open country, the global GPS network will always be able to locate the user – making this handy PDA phone the best safeguard for their daily safety.